National Conference on City Planning : Planning and Civic Comment vol.19 (1952), p.49

Yale University, where the role of civic art in city planning is receiving emphasis, staged an exhibition on April 11, “Ars in Urbe” on the history of civic art since the days of ancient Rome. This is the first exhibition of this type ever held in the United States.

Paintings, sculpture, models, reproductions, maps and plans on the theme of the city as developed in ancient times and in later Renaissance and Baroque periods, as well as modern trends were incorporated. Christopher Tunnard, Director of Yale’s Graduate City Planning Program and Lament Moore, Association Director of the Art Gallery, have worked more than a year for the exhibition. The exhibition opened with a private reception on April 10, given by the Yale Associates in Fine Arts with leading museum directors, city planners and university educators in the city planning and design fields, the guests.

via Read the ebook Planning and civic comment (Volume 19) by National Conference on City Planning (page 49 of 67).


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