Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott: Prince’s Foundation ‘Traditional Urbanism’ Conference


We are planning ten thousand new homes on the Greenwich peninsula next to the Dome in addition to the 1,400 in the Millennium Village.

And there will be a further ten thousand in Ashford based on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

But these communities will only work – will only be sustainable – if we take a pro-active approach to master planning and design.

They present huge opportunities.

To make the most of these, I will shortly be publishing revised guidance to planning authorities to modernise the 1947 Planning Act and put sustainable development at the heart of the planning system.

Our architects, planners, developers and local authorities must rise to this challenge if we are to bring about the step change we need.

That is why I visited Florida last month to learn from what has been achieved at Seaside. I know Seaside has been criticised for going ‘back to the future’ and for being a holiday village rather than a working community.

But the use of masterplanning and urban coding in Seaside has a lot to offer here in Britain

via [ARCHIVED CONTENT] Prince’s Foundation ‘Traditional Urbanism’ Conference.


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