Andrés Duany: maybe the best program in the world

Mr. Duany, after making the public presentation at the City of Elgin’s Heritage Ballroom, visited Judson’s architecture program.  An exhibit had been prepared for the visit in the Harm A. Weber Academic Center.  Duany reviewed the work, primarily the inaugural work of the program’s concentration in Traditional Architecture and Urbanism.   Having been briefed on the variety of approaches to architecture hosted in Judson’s program, and on the strength of what he observed, Duany stated that the program may be the best in the country and perhaps in the world.

Duany went on to make a presentation on the relation of architecture to urbanism and he challenged students to give their attention to problems desperate for solutions.  To a question on letting the Ferrari out of the garage, he explained that he was leading a project, entitled the New Vignola, documenting the variety of applications of the Classical Orders, including those violating the prescriptions, as precedents for those in contemporary practice.  In this conversation, he advocated that the Orders, like a perfectly preserved Ferrari, must be taken out of the garage to see how this vehicle could be set loose to solve contemporary problems.  Duany succeeded in challenging all who were present.Since this date, I have learned that Duany is the source of the metaphor likening the Orders to a Ferrari.  Michael Watkins, however, who was present at that conversation, rejoined then that this Ferrari should be let out of the garage or in words similar.


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