Traditional Architecture and Urbanism graduate studio 2009-2010

Returning to Judson’s graduate TAU studio are Sarah Aki Alkema, Nick Gouwens, JoAnna Hastings, Matthew Imburgia, Sam Lima, Carolee Miller, Jared Natalino, and Jessie Otte.

Upcoming entries will feature the morphological studies undertaken on five sites.

Annapolis, Maryland.  JoAnna Hastings and Ben Scarbro are analyzing the morphological character of Annapolis with the aim of developing the waterfront to greater potential.  JoAnna will go on to design a library and public hall; Ben will design a theater for film.  Note: to see slides of the current morphological study, click on the image above.

Boston Government Center.  Sarah Aki Alkema, Nick Gouwens, and Carolee Miller will share a common re-urbanization master plan and each design a public hall.  On this same site, Matthew Imburgia and Jared Natalino (studio alias, “Boston”) share a re-urbanization masterplan in which each will contribute a building: Jared will provide a new Boston City Hall over the re-used concrete ruins of the existing Government Center and Matthew will populate the same master plan with a public hall.

Chelsea Barracks, London.  Sam Lima has undertaken the razed site of the historic Chelsea Barracks adjacent to the Christopher Wren designed Chelsea Hospital and new Quinlan Terry building.  This site has been in the news recently and Sam will make a counterproposal to that of Lord Richard Rogers and Quinlan Terry, and now others.  Sam is like a David taking on Goliath!

Fez, Morocco.  Jessie Otte has identified a twentieth-century scar in historic Fez, a city recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage center.  She is producing a re-urbanization master plan, having studied the morphology of the city, unlike all other projects this year, and will design a school and make proposals, based on her research of the sustainable city of Gaviotas, for Fez’s improved sustainability.


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