Jane Jacobs Interviewed by Jim Kunstler

For Metropolis Magazine, March 2001.

September 6 2000: Toronto Canada

“Ms. Jacobs suffered the opprobrium of the architectural and planning establishment for decades. They never recovered from her frontal assualt, including the sinister Robert Moses, who fell from power not long after he tangled with Ms. Jacobs on his proposal to run a freeway through Washington Square. One can say pretty definitively that she won the battle and the war, though the enormous inertia of American culture still acts as a drag on a genuine civic revival here. By the mid 1960s, her interests and writings broadened to take in the wider issues of economics and social relations, and by force of intellect she compelled the cultural elite to take seriously this untrained female generalist — and wonderful prose stylist — who had the nerve to work out large ideas on her own. Naturally, her books are now part of the curriculum.


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