December 2011

Judson graduate architecture students (Jason Cherry, cand.M.Arch.’12, Chris Miller, cand. M.Arch.’12, Jason Norris, cand. M.Arch.’12, and Justin Bashaw, cand. M.Arch.’12; Chris Strasser, cand. M.Arch.’12, not present) presented to Nashville citizens and community development staffers their proposal for the Sulphur Dells precinct.

November 2011

Patrick A. Finn, LTD, where JoAnna Landers (M.Arch.’10 TAU) is employed, has been awarded a Gold Key Award by the Home Builders of Greater Chicago Key Awards program. See the Chicago Real Estate Forum for Patrick A. Finn wins Gold Key Award for Arlington Heights Home.

Benjamin F. Glunz, cand. M.Arch.’12, has been the student representative to the Congress for the New Urbanism Illinois Chapter for at least two years and was preceded in this position by Hannah Weber, B.A.A.S.’10.

Michael Gibbs, M.Arch.’11, has begun a position at McCrery Architects, Washington, D.C.

John Martin, cand. M.Arch’12 and adjunct professor, Benjamin F. Glunz, cand. M.Arch.’12, Kevin Solomon, cand. M.Arch.’12, Christian Korta, B.A.A.S. student, and Rosaura Hernandez, B.A.A.S. student, attended the Driehaus Laureate lecture, by Robert A.M. Stern, at the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN.  Christopher C. Miller, Ph.D., also attended the lecture and the Laureate dinner.

Christopher C. Miller, Ph.D., participated in the mid-term review of the graduate urbanism studio whose students included Sam Lima, JU M.Arch.’10 and cand. NDU M.A.D.U.’12, and Hannah Weber, JU B.A.A.S.’10 and NDU M.Arch. student.

Rhyse Altman, cand. M.Arch., was appointed as the Architectural and Urban Design Consultant at the Village of Kalkaska, Michigan.

October 2011

Benjamin F. Glunz, cand. M.Arch.’12, convened the inaugural meeting of the northern Illinois Students for the New Urbanism chapter.  Christopher C. Miller, Ph.D., presented “It’s Your World, Fix It.” The meeting was also addressed by UIC planning student and CNU intern.

Samuel John Lima (JU M.Arch.’10), student in the Notre Dame University School of Architecture M.A.D.U. program, was selected as one of three finalists in the 2011 Bicentennial House Design Competition in celebration of the upcoming bicentennial celebration of New Harmony, Indiana.

September 2011

Aaron M. Holverson, M.Arch.’11 conc.TAU, has taken a role as a designer and project manager for Face Properties, LLC, where his entrepreneurial consulting is leading to the adaptive re-purposing of historic commercial properties on Monroe Wisconsin’s Courthouse Square.

Sarah Alkema, M.Arch.’10, has begun a position at Alvin Holm, AIA, Architects, Philadelphia.

Judson’s China Symposium exhibit included recent projects, from the graduate TAU studio (Christopher C. Miller, Ph.D.) by Samuel John Lima, M.Arch.’10, and Seth Holmen, M.Arch.’11.  Also featured, from studio watercolor rendering under the direction of Craig Farnsworth, was the Piazza del Popolo analytique by Brian Mork, M.Arch.’11.

August 2011

Rhyse Altman, cand.M.Arch., reports that he worked this summer on the construction of  a traditionally-styled pool house.  Rhyse’s Experiments in Architecture, August 2011 tells of his work on the restoration of a nineteenth-century Veneklasen Brick house and his design of fireplace mantel.

July 2011

Andrew Gander, B.A.A.S.’11, interns at Michael G. Imber, Architects, San Antonio, Texas; the firm was recognized in the 2011 Palladio Awards for Excellence in Traditional Residential Architecture.  Period Homes, July 2011, features the award-winning Galveston beach house which is set in the New Urban community, Beachtown.

Andrew Elder, B.A.A.S.’07, continues in nearby Wisconsin as a senior designer.  Word is that he will have a house in his local parade of homes this fall.

Derek Stoner, M.Arch.’11, returned to Judson to assist in the department’s week-long discovery camp for high school students interested in studying architecture.

Jaclyn Miller, B.A.A.S.’07, continues at Glavé & Holmes Architects, Richmond, though she brought her architectural skills again to Africa recently for short-term service there.

Seth Holmen, M.Arch.’11, has accepted a position at R.R.Browne Architects.

June 2011

Christopher C. Miller, Ph.D. made a presentation at the Art Education Caucus Conference Track, “Where are the Graduate Programs in Christian Colleges and Universities?,” June 17, 2011 at the CIVA Conference 2011, “Matter and Spirit: Art and Belief in the Digital Age” June 16-19, 2011, Biola University, Los Angeles, California.

Donald Powers Architects, Inc., Providence, RI, and current employer of Brendan Herr, M.Arch.’09, and employer of intern Brian Mork, M.Arch.’11, during 2009-10, was recognized with a Professional Award in the 2011 Congress of the New Urbanism Charter Awards  in the Neighborhood, District, and Corridor category for East Beach, Norfolk, Virginia; a Honorable Mention was awarded in the Block, Street, and Building Category for Cottages on Greene, East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Glavé and Holmes Architecture, Richmond, VA, a support to JU’s architecture program and the curricular concentration in Traditional Architecture and Urbanism, has been recognized as a 2011 Palladio Award winner.  See Glavé & Holmes, 2011 Palladio Award winner.

Richard Nichols has taken a position with Richard Swann Architect in Connecticut.

Hilary Jackson, B.A.A.S.’11, has taken a position with Period Architecture, West Chester, PA, and another, in Philadelphia, with Alvin Holm, one of the patriarchs of the classical architecture renaissance.

Derek Stoner, M.Arch.’11, returned to Charter Homes in southeast Pennsylvania.  Charter Homes has a significant history in the New Urbanism movement.

Christopher C. Miller, Ph.D., presented a paper, Casting and Refining Types: the Temple of Peace in Palladio’s Il Quattro Libri, at From Vernacular to Classical: the Perpetual Modernity of Palladio, University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, June 10-12, 2011.

Samuel John Lima (JU M.Arch.’10), student in the Notre Dame University School of Architecture M.A.D.U. program, won first place in the inaugural design competition of the Students for Classical Architecture.  The competition project for a Palladian villa in the Veneto was undertaken in a twelve hour esquisse.  The project is exhibited in the University of Notre Dame Snite Museum of Art, June 5 to July 21, in conjunction with Palladio and His Legacy: a Transatlantic Journey.

Eleanor Walters received the 2011 Annual Award for European Study Sketchbook.

April 2011

Andrew Gander, B.A.A.S.’11. Chair’s Award for Professional Promise Undergraduate 2011.

Michael Gibbs, M.Arch.’11, Brian Mork, M.Arch.’11, and Jason Wyman, M.Arch.’11.   Graduate Scholarship Recognition 2011.

Aaron Holverson, M.Arch.’11, and Jason Wyman, M.Arch.’11. Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network (KEEN) grant fellowship.  Kern Family Foundation.  2011.

Stephen Howard, B.A.A.S.’11, and Hilary Jackson, B.A.A.S.’11. Honors Student 2011.

Stephen Howard, B.A.A.S.’11. Outstanding History Award 2011.

Hilary Jackson, B.A.A.S.’11. Alpha Rho Chi Medal 2011.

Brian Mork, M.Arch.’11. ALA Student Merit Award 2011.

Brian Mork, M.Arch.’11. Graduate Studio Fellow 2011.

Michael Rabe, B.A.A.S.’11.  Tau Sigma Delta Honor Society Bronze Medal 2011 for highest undergraduate grade point average.

Hilary Jackson, B.A.A.S.’11 conc.TAU, and Stephen Howard, B.A.A.S.’11 conc.TAU, are second and third Honors Program graduates from the Department of Architecture.

The School of Art, Design, and Architecture Juried Student Exhibit 2011 included work by the following:  Brian Mork, M.Arch.’11 conc.TAU; Michael Rabe, B.A.A.S.’11 conc.TAU; Andrew Gander, B.A.A.S.’11 conc.TAU; Seth Holmen, M.Arch.’11 conc.TAU; Michael Gibbs, M.Arch.’11 conc.TAU.

Seth Holmen (M.Arch.’11 TAU) fielded inquiries from Duany, Plater-Zyberk & Co., Charlotte, in regards to his project for a Performance Hall, Fergus Falls, MN.

Hannah Weber (JU B.A.A.S.’10 TAU) was invited to undertake the Notre Dame School of Architecture graduate Dual Degree Program (M.Arch. and M.A.D.U.) entailing full tuition and teaching stipend for a third year concentration in Classical Architecture.

Andrew Gander (B.A.A.S.’11 TAU) accepted an internship position with Michael G. Imber Associates, San Antonio, Texas.

March 2011

Brian Mork (M.Arch.’11 TAU) was offered admission to the Notre Dame School of Architecture two-year post-professional M.A.D.U. degree with full-tuition waiver and teaching stipend.

Stephen Howard (B.A.A.S.’11) was admitted to the University of Illinois graduate architecture program to specialize in architectural history.

Carolee Miller (M.Arch.’10 TAU) has taken a position in Mishawauka, Indiana.

Matthew Imburgia (M.Arch.’10 TAU) has taken a position at Church Solutions Group, Barrington.

JoAnna (Hastings) Landers (M.Arch.’10 TAU) is employed at Patrick Finn, Ltd., Palatine.



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