A Bold Plan for Sustainable California Communities – WSJ.com

The California Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act SB 375 is a rational approach that serves as a blueprint for other states on how to turn inevitable growth into smart growth. Its provisions provide regions with a thoughtful framework to minimize expanding development, relieve roadway congestion, provide housing and working alternatives to Californians confounded by gridlock, and improve air quality. That is why it earned the support of a broad coalition including the California Building Industry Association, the League of California Cities, the California State Association of Counties and environmental and affordable housing advocates.We are just beginning to see the profound effects the legislation will have on tackling sprawl as local governments up and down the state develop and adopt their sustainable community plans—a level of action that is hailed by planning organizations as a smart way to center land use around public transit and walkable communities.By unanimous vote last month, the Southern California Association of Governments, which serves six counties, 191 cities and 18 million residents in the Los Angeles basin, adopted a ground-breaking transportation plan designed to create more mobility choices for the traffic-choked region. This plan is the most important positive development in transportation that the region has ever seen. It will bring 12 new subways to Los Angeles that will connect residents to major regional employment and commercial centers. It will reduce congestion, even with four million more residents, and allow more people to live near transportation options, which studies show residents want more now than ever before. It will improve air quality and public health, saving the region $1.5 billion a year in health-care costs. None of this would be possible if we maintained the status quo.

via A Bold Plan for Sustainable California Communities – WSJ.com.


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