Mark Gelernter at Denver’s Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference

Speaker: Mark Gelernter, Dean and Professor of Architecture. College of Architecture and Planning, University of Colorado, Denver, CO

Architects who design today with any traditional design language will, sooner or later, hear objections from modernists regarding the use of tradition. These objections typically include:

Architecture should be of its own age. Traditional styles are from a by-gone age.

Using traditional languages creates replicas or reproductions. These are not authentic.

One can use principles of design from the past, but not the actual style.

Traditional buildings are not honest in their use of materials or construction.

Traditional buildings are not progressive, in that they do not offer fresh insights or original visions of architecture or society.

The speaker will address these kinds of objections to traditional design languages, explain their historical origins, and uncover a number of problems and paradoxes in these criticisms. Anyone who has had to defend working in traditional design languages will appreciate learning more about the nature and origins of these objections, and will be better prepared to address these when they arise.

via Traditional Building Exhibition and Conference.


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