C O M P O S I T I O N & C H A R A C T E R : Sam Lima Architecture: Pruitt-Igoe as a Walkable, Mixed-Use Neighborhood

Pruitt-Igoe can be a catalyst for redeveloping the near north side of St. Louis in a sensitive manner.  Inspired by the beautiful brick neighborhoods that survive in various parts of the city, the design  provides a home for people of various incomes, ages, and family sizes.

This project originated from a desire to explore affordable mixed-income development, mixed-use urban infill, and the relationship between regional vernacular and classical architecture.  Purpose-built affordable housing is a sensitive issue, with a history of many unsuccessful developments.  This project, therefore, does not attempt to propose overarching solutions to the issues surrounding the housing of the poor, but instead suggests locally specific strategies for development.  A design which sensitively gleans lessons from a place will usually be superior to one that imposes its will on its site.  With that in mind, the design of this project grows out of an extensive study of the patterns engrained in some of the most diverse and enduring neighborhoods in St. Louis.  The project attempts to demonstrate the merits of developing the former Pruitt-Igoe site as a walkable, connected, mixed-use, and mixed-income neighborhood center, composed of traditional St. Louis urban patterns and building types.

Source: C O M P O S I T I O N & C H A R A C T E R : Sam Lima Architecture: Pruitt-Igoe as a Walkable, Mixed-Use Neighborhood


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