Portrait of Bahnstadt | Heidelberg-Bahnstadt

Bahnstadt is one of Germany’s largest urban development projects. Covering a total area of 116 hectares, the new district is larger than Heidelberg’s Altstadt (Old Town). The Bahnstadt is typical of Heidelberg. It offers a vibrant mixture of living space, science, industry and culture. All to the highest quality. And all in keeping with the sustainable imperative. Bahnstadt is one of the largest passive housing settlements in the world. It offers living space and commercial space and combines optimal conditions for science and business on its campus.

Bahnstadt’s central location is particularly appealing since modern living space is as scarce as space for science and research in Heidelberg’s city centre. In the interests of sustainable urban development, a city district is taking shape on the site of the former shunting and freight yard. As a European city of science the city district has added to Heidelberg’s strengths with its closely-knit living space, and areas for work and cultural activities – all in the same neighbourhood. It is this diversity that sets cities like Heidelberg apart and which provides the contemporary drivers to push it forward.

via Portrait of Bahnstadt | Heidelberg-Bahnstadt.


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