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There has always been a connection between architecture and visualization. Not all visualization is about communicating data, sometimes visualizations show concepts. The core of what architects do is creating visuals that communicate complex concepts, processes and spaces. Over hundreds of years, architects have developed and refined different drawing types and techniques that help to communicate these ideas to people. Let’s take a look at some drawings of the Pantheon to see how they communicate.

The drawings in this post come from two different sets. The more yellowish of the two are older drawings from “Les edifices antiques de Rome“ by Antoine Babuty Desgodetz in 1682. The grayscale drawings are the newer set from Francesco Piranesi in the 18th century.

Both of these sets of drawings were done after the construction of the Pantheon, but they are still good for communicating some of what would be necessary to create the building. Even if you have never been to the Pantheon, these drawing sets will provide a feeling of what the building is like.

via Visualization in Architecture: Drawing Types | Blog.


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  1. I generally agree with your point of view

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