Slow Urbanism, Italian influences and the Ideal city: Urban lessons from Italy and Savannah, Georgia by Students of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Italian Cultural Institute of New York

This exhibition is part of the Slowness Project launched in 2012 by the Director of the Institute, Prof. R. Viale, that aims at participating in and enriching the debate that arises from a different and philosophical perception of time. The exhibition will showcase the principles behind the Slow Design movement-a paradigm that calls for a balance between the needs of individuals, cultures and nature-and feature a graphic and written urban analysis of the slower qualities of Savannah, Ga. in comparison to various Renaissance towns in Italy. Seven SCAD graduate students will present a number of diagrams, drawings and collages as well as a 3-D model to show the patterns of historical development in Savannah. Their pieces will stand among the work from students of the University of Bologna, featuring the analysis of Italian slow towns such as Florence, Mantua and Pienza. The seminar will begin with an introduction to the project by professors Fabrizio Apollonio and David Gobel, followed by a panel of six students discussing the value of “slowness” as a virtue in contemporary urbanism. Sottile will present the closing remarks. The exhibition is on view till February 25, when

via Italian Cultural Institute of New York.


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