CNU Preview: Are the Streets of Gold Walkable?

CNU President, and son of a Baptist pastor, John Norquist ignites a philosophical discussion with New Urbanist Reverend Eric Jacobsen about the interplay of faith and urbanism. Eric frames these two concepts in terms of hardware and software: building traditional neighborhoods hardware alone wont cause people to start acting neighborly software. Together, he and John explore how faith communities can be one part of the very large question of getting people to activate good urbanism with neighborly practices. Going deeper, Eric explains how faith can provide a solid philosophical foundation for good urbanism, partly by not taking for granted that engaging the world with our bodies is inherently better than engaging the world with our cars or through our screens. Eric also previews CNU 21 Breakout Session, “A Frontier Forged by Faith – The Impact of Religious Freedom on American Land Use” in which hell help explore faith-based societal frameworks on early American landscapes and new towns. Dial in and listen.

via Meeting Registration.


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