Solutions from Traditional Architecture for Housing the Urban Poor: 24-25 August 2013, Abuja, Nigeria

Important announcement: the dates of INTBAU Nigeria’s upcoming conference have been changed to 24 – 25 August 2013. Please follow the links below to the revised conference programme and additional information.

According to the United Nations, for the first time in history more of the world’s population now lives in urban areas than in rural areas. There is thus tremendous pressure put on formal housing for the poor in cities, most especially in developing countries.  This is mainly due to the great influx of people from rural areas in search of jobs and basic services such as schools, hospitals, etc.  In order to solve this mounting problem there needs to be an increase in discussions and proposals about linking sustainable architecture and construction with urban housing.  Sustainable architecture and construction should transcend environmental design and embrace economic and social measures which will add value to the quality of life of individuals and communities. The developed world has been able to drive the architectural and construction industries towards reducing global concerns with a range of policy initiatives and instruments.  It is time for the developing world to join in the fight for the management of climate change.

The conference will bring together academics, architectural, building and policy professionals, state and local government officials and financial institutions working together to seek new housing models that will be affordable, healthy and inclusive as well as respectful of the environment and local cultures.

For the conference programme, please click here.

via Solutions from Traditional Architecture for Housing the Urban Poor: 24-25 August 2013, Abuja, Nigeria.


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