María Fernanda Sánchez

María Fernanda Sánchez is an architect of Guatemala. In 1995, Ms Sánchez graduated from the Architecture Faculty of the Francisco Marroquín  University in Guatemala. In 2000 she was awarded an MA in Architecture from the University of Notre Dame (USA), having obtained distinction for excellence in architectural design. Ms Sánchez was honored for her academic excellence with the Ferguson, Shamammian and Rattner Graduate Prize. She has lectured at both the Francisco Marroquín  University and the University of Notre Dame in recent years. Ms Sánchez is a member of the Architecture Advisory Council of the University of Notre Dame and is also a member of the Friends Council of the Universidad del Istmo in Guatemala.


María Sánchez is the Deputy Director of Estudio Urbano, a firm based in Guatemala which specializes in traditional architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture. Ms Sánchez collaborates with her partner, Pedro Godoy on a wide range of projects from low cost housing units to restorations of historic centers. Currently they are working together with the renowned urbanist Léon Krier on the extension of the historical city of Cayalá, the largest city extension of this kind in Guatemala; and on two new towns located on the Caribbean Coast of Guatemala and in the historical city of Antigua Guatemala.

via María Fernanda Sánchez.


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