Cost of studying architecture creates ‘artificial barrier’ | News | Building Design

More flexibility over courses needed, says new report

A report by the UK Architectural Education Review Group which says future student numbers will be governed by how much debt people are prepared to shoulder is due to be sent to Terry Farrell as part of his review into the profession.

Last week Farrell told an NLA audience that his review would have to look at how much money students are prepared to spend funding their studies, warning that currently they “will be spending close to £100,000”.

Now the Education Review Group has said the existing requirements “inhibit widening participation” which can “create an artificial barrier to the profession based solely on a student’s willingness to accept high levels of personal debt”.

Group chairman Alex Wright, who is the chair of Schosa, which represents the heads of architecture schools, said: “There is an urgent need for additional flexibility to suit the needs of students and the profession.

“The hope is that architecture can continue to attract young people of extraordinary potential and that their education will enable them to develop their ability to maximum effect. The result will hopefully see an architectural profession accessible to all people drawn from the widest possible pool of talent.

“The Review Group found a broad consensus now exists around the need for change and hopefully this report will be a significant step in helping to mobilise that consensus.”

He added that one way to cope with rising costs was to either shorten courses or let students carry out their studies alongside paid work.

via Cost of studying architecture creates ‘artificial barrier’ | News | Building Design.


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