Chartres Cathedral Residential Course | Prince’s School of Traditional Arts

17 – 23 August 2014

Chartres Cathedral – Chartres – France

The Gothic Cathedrals of Medieval Europe were viewed by their creators as physical manifestations of the Divine Order of the Universe; in short a model of Heaven on Earth.

To understand this perspective we must turn to the art and science of geometry, the study of spatial order or the unfolding of number into space. In symbolic geometry this idea can be expressed as a circle (heaven) encompassed by a square (earth) and philosophically interpreted as a ‘marriage of opposites’.

Taking Chartres Cathedral as our focus we will explore this geometric language from a symbolical and practical standpoint through drawing sessions using only compass and straight edge.

The Summer School at Chartres will include practical geometry sessions as well as short visual presentations on various aspects of the cathedral, stained glass, labyrinth, history, as well as guided tours and visits to the cathedral. These visits will enable the participants to absorb the architectural spaces immersed in coloured light and fully appreciate how they can be considered expressions of the divine qualities of number (structure) and light.

via Chartres Cathedral Residential Course | Prince’s School of Traditional Arts.


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