Modernism: The Revival (1993 – present) – OpenLearn – Open University

The legacy of the Modern Movement is obvious in every British town or city today. The thoughts of Le Corbusier and the influence of Mies Van Der Rohe can be seen in High Streets and suburbs the length and breadth of the country. Yet public reaction to the great Modernist experiment remains ambivalent at best, and hostile at worst.

Prince Charles’ complaint that Modern Buildings don’t have enough curves, Robert Venturi’s gripes that Modernism’s legacy is soulless and predictable, and Jane Jacob’s warnings of isolation and social breakdown, are now all commonly accepted criticisms of the Modern Movement by the public at large.

And yet the last decade of the twentieth century saw the beginnings of a revival in the standing of Modernist Architecture. Buildings which were once almost universally scorned have become popular, and architects once lambasted as agents of social collapse have seen their reputations restored.

via Modernism: The Revival (1993 – present) – OpenLearn – Open University.


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