Beaux-Arts Academy – Utah

Our mission is to teach future architects and designers in the first critical stage of their training a systematic approach to design through the Beaux-Arts methodology; to ground them in a thorough knowledge of the classical tradition in art and architecture.

The Beaux-Arts Academy exists to revive the teaching of architecture as a fine art on the model of the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. It does this by supporting the formation of teaching ateliers. The atelier system was the cornerstone of the Beaux Arts educational model. According to John Harbeson, The author of “The Study of Architectural Design” the Beaux-Arts system relied upon the following ideas:

The organization into ateliers

The tradition of the more experienced students teaching the less experienced

The system of organized competitions

The reliance on practicing architects and artists carrying out the teaching in the ateliers and the judging of competitions

Students receive in-depth instruction in an atelier setting while also pursuing coursework in observational drawing, architectural drafting, systematic design methodology, the classical orders, geometry and proportion, traditional methods of architectural wash rendering and drawing, the history and theory of classical architecture, and modeling and sculpting. Students also conduct detailed studies of architectural masterpieces through on-site observation and field drawing. In addition, field trips are conducted to leading architecture, decorating, and craftsman studios throughout the program.

The Beaux-Arts Academy carries out its mission by raising funds to support teachers and students in the ateliers; providing institutional support for the work of those ateliers in the US and abroad; and organizing the competitions that serve as the method of evaluating the work of the students in the ateliers.

The Beaux-Arts Academy is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is part of the registered non-profit foundation The Classical Tradition Institute.

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