Flickr: Amos Rapoport Image Archive

The Amos Rapoport Image Collection of Vernacular Design is the largest publically accessible digital image collection focused on vernacular architecture in the world. This collection of over 30,000 images, taken from the private slide collection of eminent vernacular architecture scholar, Amos Rapoport, include works of vernacular architecture from more than 70 countries. The images in this collection, each one taken by Professor Rapoport himself, represent over a half-century of travel to all corners of the world—from great cities to isolated villages. Professor Rapoport generously donated this collection to the University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design & Planning to be digitized and made available to students, scholars and enthusiasts of vernacular architecture worldwide. By placing this collection on Flickr we hope to utilize the expertise of a wide range of people, including scholars and those outside the academic community to further develop descriptive and contextual information about these sites, structures and cultural landscapes. Because the works in this collection are almost exclusively structures built for specific uses, with locally sourced materials, by individuals living in the communities where the structures were built some which are very remote, there is often little information about them. Heightening the need for gathering information about these works and sites is the fact that many of the structures and settlements included in this collection are threatened, and in some cases already gone. We welcome you to enjoy and contribute to this unique and historically important collection.__________Amos Rapoport is Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he was previously Professor of Architecture and Anthropology. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Melbourne University Australia, his Master’s in Architecture from Rice University as a Fulbright student, and his Post Graduate Diploma of Town and Country Planning from the University of Melbourne. He has taught at the Universities of Melbourne and Sydney Australia, the University of California at Berkeley, and University College London. He has held visiting appointments in Israel, Turkey, Britain, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Puerto Rico, India, and Switzerland, among others, and has lectured by invitation all over the world. He is a Registered Architect in two states in Australia, a Fellow of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, and an Associate of the Royal Institute of British Architects. As one of the founders of the new field of Environment-Behavior Studies, Professor Rapoport’s work has mainly focused on the role of cultural variables, cross cultural studies, and theory development and synthesis. He is the editor or co-editor of four books and several monographs, and the author of over 200 papers, chapters, and academic articles, as well as six books and several monographs, including: House Form and Culture 1969, Human Aspects of Urban Form 1975, The Meaning of the Built Environment 1990 and Culture, Architecture, and Design 2005. His work has been translated into a number of languages, including French, Spanish, German, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

via Flickr: Amos Rapoport Image Archive.


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