Ideas for Preserving Our Small Businesses and Creative Spaces

Many Gotham dwellers just about have their spirit broken from all the eclectic, only-in-New-York kinds of places that have been “developed” into achingly boring, everywhere-on-the-globe kinds of places. Unique theaters, gardens, community centers, shops, restaurants: Now they’re chain banks and drugstores and luxury dwellings. It’s enough to make a heartbroken New Yorker give up.

Not so fast, says a group from the West Coast, leading the way as California has ever since introducing us all to yoga and wheatgrass. A new report from the group SF Heritage, Sustaining San Francisco’s Living History, is full of “strategies for conserving cultural heritage assets.”

In fact, in the wake of the report, a San Francisco supervisor has introduced new city legislation to define “legacy businesses” and create financial incentives for property owners who help keep those businesses in place. The report, a well-written and interesting read, helps to explain the problem we see all around us, and offers some potential solutions to solve it.

via Ideas for Preserving Our Small Businesses and Creative Spaces.


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