Spiritual Capital: the Present and Future of English Cathedrals

Conclusion: The Significance of Cathedrals

The present and future of English cathedrals lies particularly in their ability to enable and sustain a range of connections – between the tourist and the pilgrim; between people and the traditions from which modern life cuts them off; between the diverse organisations and communities that share the same social and physical space and infrastructure yet never meet; and between a people who may be less Christian than their parents but are no less spiritual, and the God who made, sustains, loves and hopes for them to join Him at His table.

The research conducted for this project suggests that this is precisely what cathedrals do. We believe that they are and will remain key institutions to deliver this ‘spiritual capital’, and it is our hope that this report will enable them to understand better this role and respond faithfully and fruitfully to the opportunities it presents them with.

via Spiritual Capital: the Present and Future of English Cathedrals


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