Toward A Vision — The Great Lakes Century

September 2014 marked an exciting milestone for the Great Basin exhibit with the opening of a bilingual French/English version in Baie-St-Paul, Québec, Canada. This opening was held as part of the annual meeting of the Ordre des Urbanistes du Québec (Québec Society of Urban Planners, OUQ). The OUQ had requested the opportunity to host the exhibit in light of its thematic resonance with the conference’s theme: Aménager le Québec des regions: au-delà des frontières (Managing a Québec of Regions: Beyond Borders). This is the exhibit’s first appearance on the Canadian side of the Great Basin and its first version in French. This version was made possible by the contributions of the International Secretariat for Water, the Ordre des Urbanists du Québec, and SOM’s design team. We look forward to continuing this important international dialogue.

via Toward A Vision — The Great Lakes Century.


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