Fascist moderne | Radio Free Thulcandra

Philip Johnson– no, not THAT Philip Johnson, the OTHER one– is a helpful counterpoint to everything that Jane Jacobs stood for, and his particularly American wedding of International Style architecture with fascist ideology gives the lie to those who want to see the Gropius tradition as an embodiment of a liberal rejection of fascist Classicism.

Johnson sought in fascism what he sought in the Howard Roarkey buildings he constructed: a Nietzschean excitement, a frisson of transgression, a vehicle for the expression of power and contempt. Good, for him, was a purely aesthetic category: monumental architectural beauty was completely divorced from all other orders of good.  This was architecture for architecture’s sake, and it is not surprising that in seeking architectural beauty divorced from love of the people who would be inhabiting his buildings, he lost both the love and the beauty.

via Fascist moderne | Radio Free Thulcandra.


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