UVA to Craft Guidelines for Healthy Places | WVTF

“We can think about our buildings, our neighborhoods, our cities as platforms for wellness delivery.  If you want people to get more daily physical activity, to get out and see their neighbors more, a prerequisite is that is that there needs to be a safe place for them to do that – that’s easy and fun and accessible.”

He says the nation needs to develop a system for guiding and rewarding the real estate industry when it brings healthy places to market – much as the U.S. Green Building Council has done with LEED certification.

“ We need to define best practices for project teams, architects, urban planners, and – importantly, provide a very clear  recognition structure.  They know that if they do those best practices, they will also be recognized within the market.”

And, in fact, UVA in partnership with the Green Building Council won a $1.2 million grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to get this idea off the ground over the next three years.

via UVA to Craft Guidelines for Healthy Places | WVTF.


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