Forum: A Vision for Civic Conservation Jenny Bevan

The images shown here are from a case study comparing Charleston’s unique urban and architectural patterns to those currently dominating Charleston’s larger planning applications. Two projects of equal footprints are compared: the upper image is based on proposed new “Texas donuts” or lined parking garages; the lower image is a Charleston-style block modeled on the district’s most successful existing fabric. Evaluation reveals that not only does the Charleston-style block accommodate the same number of bedrooms as the Texas donut (about 200), but it does so with buildings that are only two and three stories (compared to the donut’s six stories), while accommodating porches, gardens, trees and a permeability that takes advantage of breezes – a much more livable backdrop to life in a sub-tropical climate. And livability is an essential quality for a sustainable city.

Source: Forum: Durability in Construction: Traditions and Sustainability in 21st Century Architecture


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