An Appreciation of Craftsmanship: the American College of Building Arts

We often hear talk of how things are not as they used to be and how our youth does not work as hard as we once did.  Charleston has many institutions that put the lie to this myth and not least among them is the American College of the Building Arts.  Wherever our work allows we support their graduates in their work, especially in those years post graduation as they are working to build their client base.  One such project was recently completed for the dining room of our offices at 95 Broad Street. Two, new American white oak dining tables, built with hand-forged iron securing staples and constructed in a way where it can be dismantled for ease of movement.  Built by a local graduate of ACBA, in the ways of traditional joinery, no glue or screws allowed, but peg & dovetail joints with iron securing staples.Dominic Franceschi is local, young and a Furniture Maker extraordinaire. In his own words and pictures, this is the story of their creation and the final result.  “In building my work I maintain a standard that all pieces should have the same level of craftsmanship of the finest antique furniture, but in design each piece celebrates the beauty of its strength, function and durability. So when anyone, craftsman or not, looks upon this work, they can have a deep understanding of how it works or what holds it together but still be left to enjoy. Along with that it is a design that should feel applicable in a variety of contexts, Rather than simply being coined as ‘period furniture’, it doesn’t lend itself to a particular vernacular or adhere to short-lived contemporary tastes. This way it can assuredly live on to serve its purpose for countless generations.

Source: An Appreciation of Craftsmanship: the American College of Building Arts


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