How a Black Lives Matter Activist Wants to Change City Planning – Curbed

With his recent, last-minute entry into the Baltimore mayoral race, 30-year-old Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson immediately changes the contours and scope of the conversation, bringing a unique perspective and racial issues to the forefront. And while the city has had its share of traumatic recent event, such as the Freddie Grey case, Mckesson’s movement experience doesn’t mean he’s merely a one-issue candidate. He wants to improve the city that made him the man he is. Based on the policy ideas he’s introduced over the last few weeks, it’s perhaps best to consider his platform as a vision for the city, seen through a lens of economic and racial justice. In addition to plans to reform the police department, expand educational access, and raise the minimum wage, Mckesson’s ambitions to give Baltimore citizens concrete change includes altering the infrastructure and design of the city. Here are his suggestions for changes to urban planning, housing, and transportation.”

Equity is about making sure people get what they deserve,” he told The Atlantic. “The city has to work for everybody.”

While it’s hard to compare campaigns, since not every candidate for mayor has released their own proposals, here are the ways he intends to address urban planning and development issues if elected (he’s currently one of 13 Democratic challengers). His platform was strong enough for the Baltimore Sun to suggest that while “it may be too soon to say whether DeRay Mckesson is for real … his ideas certainly are.”

Source: How a Black Lives Matter Activist Wants to Change City Planning – Curbed


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