Assist Your Community?

The Judson University graduate Advanced Architecture and Urbanism (ARC651) studio, scheduled usually in the fall semester, takes on selected real projects.  For more on Christopher C. Miller, Ph.D. and  the context for knowledge transfer to communities seeking the cultivation and thriving of local places, see About.

Serving a community, we investigate urban design, planning, and architectural solutions.  It is hoped that the academic study provides to a community a better sense of the possibilities as this community goes forward to rally public support and to engage professionals.

Since this is an academic studio, our first responsibility is the pedagogic outcome. The best candidate projects provide the opportunity to learn from real situations, bring to bear the student capabilities, and teach best the potential for the built environment to support thriving in neighborhoods.

We take on projects for a varying length of time.  Sometimes, we undertake a project as a sketch problem for seven to ten days; frequently, we will take on a project for an entire semester.  Students, on occasion, have continued to develop particular buildings in the spring semester.

QUI Maine 05CM CharPres05 10310
Jim Fikkert, M.Arch.’05, presents to community leaders.  Quincy, IL, 2005.

Charrette, a French word with a history in architectural education, describes a skilled team working on location to gain a community’s input and work to the accountability of this community.  We have a history of community charrettes.

We have limited resources and in some cases will seek community underwriting of a team visit (or visits) and sometimes for the costs of printed presentations.

Community-service projects:

Winchester UK. Selverhull: Growing a Venerable Place in Our Time (Congress for the New Urbanism Illinois Charter Award 2015).

Richmond: Four Proposals for Complete Neighborhoods

Richmond.  Shockoe Revitalization.

Lafayette Louisiana. Vision for Lafayette (Congress for the New Urbanism Charter Award 2015 Honorable Mention)

Washington, DC. Southwest Quadrant Re-Urbanization

Rockford, IL.  East State District Design Workshop


Community Charrettes



Contact: Christopher C. Miller, Ph.D.