Leah Ferrara and Joshua Papic published in the Classicist

Leah Ferrara’s Charleston Architecture School, produced in the spring 2015 junior/graduate vertical studio (Miller studio) and Josh Papic’s Judson Chapel, produced in the fall 2015 senior studio (Jaeger studio) has been published in the current issue of The Classicist, is an annual peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art. Advertisements

Design trends evolve, reflect, revive – Post and Courier

So it seems, then, that we are in the throes of an all-out cultural Renaissance. Everything old-fashioned, traditional and handmade has become new and exciting again. The pendulum has swung, as it has countless times before, and it is likely to stay tilted towards tradition for at least as long as it takes for the hipsters to grow old and die and for their grandchildren to think of something else. It seems the only people who have not noticed are the architects and preservationists who still think the architecture of our time is the architecture of sixty years ago. No,…

The Week of Duany — Buildings are cool

Andres Duany and his firm Duany Plater-Zyberk (DPZ) had been hired by the City of Charleston and the Historic Charleston Foundation to make suggestions on how Charleston could improve the quality of its architecture.  According to Duany, he was practically begged by Mayor Joe Riley to come and help Charleston.  And that Mayor Riley had said that the new architecture being produced today in Charleston “just isn’t good enough.” via The Week of Duany — Buildings are cool.

Andres Duany unveils his prescription for Charleston architecture – Post and Courier

“Charleston cannot be a net importer of architectural ideas,” he said. “Charleston has to model its own genetic material, which is considerable and sophisticated. And Charleston has to become an exporter of architectural ideas. The world is fascinated by Charleston. Charleston is the greatest influence of my own work.” The city and Historic Charleston Foundation spent $79,000 to bring Duany in for advice as longtime Mayor Joe Riley prepares to leave office and as the city is experiencing a prosperous new era that will only intensify interest in building here. “We ain’t seen nothing yet,” said Winslow Hastie, chief preservation…

Board of Architectural Review fails to act on Clemson designs | Features | Charleston City Paper

The Board of Architectural Review was unable to vote on the latest round of designs for a new Clemson Architecture Center building in Charleston Tuesday night. Three of the board\’s six members present at the meeting recused themselves at the last minute citing various conflicts of interest, so the latest step in the approval process was postponed until an unspecified later date. Clemson University and its team of designers — Charleston-based EE Fava Architects and Portland, Ore.-based AlliedWorks — came prepared for an intense second round of scrutiny Tuesday night after the board granted initial approval to the building\’s size…

In Charleston, a Palladian Villa, Preshrunk – NYTimes.com

Mr. Burgess, a professional mandolin player who lives in Brooklyn with Ms. Eisenberg, was inspired to bring his dream to life in Charleston, S.C., after reading an article about the work that George Holt, a self-taught designer, has been doing there. Mr. Holt, who started a firm called New World Byzantine with Andrew Gould, another designer, has spent the last 20 years restoring old homes and building new ones with a medieval aesthetic, and in the process has helped revitalize rundown neighborhoods. via In Charleston, a Palladian Villa, Preshrunk – NYTimes.com.

Charles Muldrow: The restoration of historic buildings in Charleston, SC

The survival of the underlying form of the single house over large areas of the city is an embedded ‘sustainable’ urban form. These older blocks provide a syncopated rhythm to the street, with the sustained intervals of house, piazza, garden, house, piazza, garden, etc. Post-Bellum Charleston was not a prosperous place. The local saying was, “too poor to paint, to proud to whitewash.” Yet these weathered remainders of times gone by largely remained standing. Thus in the 1920s there was a phenomenon now called ‘the Charleston Renaissance,’ wherein the crumbled stucco and naked wood siding of the day became a…

Research: Urbanism: Sustainability in Charleston’s Radcliffborough

The figure above shows one component in a morphological study of the Charleston Radcliffborough plat. This analysis demonstrates that porches in this plat are oriented for climate modification: the porches shield against western sun heat gain and open to off-shore breezes. The Charleston Single House type provides evidence for the principle of architectural style not as a rigid formality or an example of formalism (form with no use at all) but as a system for flexible response in the beautiful language of this classical architectural style to our interest in comfort and sustainability.

Charleston morphology project

The junior Architecture of Cities class studied portions of Charleston’s morphology.  There were several pedagogical objectives.  First, it was important for students to work with M.R.G. Conzen’s premise that the character of place depends on change slowest in street and block patterns, then in lot shapes and building types, and affording change most easily in land use (cf. Conzen on Alnwick, 1960).  Second, the morphology project was an opportunity for students to engage in research using primary sources using a method that is being employed by contemporary townplanners. Students, in an introductory way, employed Karl S. Kropf’s morphological taxonomy (“The…

Aurora, Charleston, Fergus Falls, Grand Rapids, Rockford, and Savannah

Aaron Holverson and Brian Mork. Savannah morphological analysis. 2010. This year’s projects in the Judson University Traditional Architecture + Urbanism graduate studio begin with proposals for increasing the use and pedestrian connectivity of historic downtowns and follow with specific building proposals:  a new downtown library (Aurora, IL); a rail station and transit-oriented development also for Aurora; a new symphonic hall for Charleston, SC; a new performing arts venue and re-urbanization proposal for Fergus Falls, MN; a new city hall for Grand Rapids, MI; the adaptive re-use of a historic armory for an aquarium; a new performance venue for Savannah, GA;…