RESPONSE TO CHARTER PRINCIPLES      The building stock is retained for present uses or for adaptive re-uses (Charter Principles 4, 5, 27).  New buildings are shaped with shallow floor plates for passive heating, cooling, and ventilating; these are also modeled to accommodate flexibly a variety of uses and do so over time: groceries, doctors offices, retail (CP 12, 26).  The blocks are small with a fine-grain to maximize the choices for pedestrians (CP 12).      Second, the proposed intervention reverses the urban morphology with the canal as the backside to the canal as the neighborhood’s public space as…

The Willis Tower In 150 Years

[Illustrated by Andrew Banks, Judson M.Arch.’11 concentration Traditional Architecture and Urbanism] When Chicago was still celebrating the end of the Civil War, the city had a population of roughly 200,000 people. The most memorable structure from that era, the Water Tower, was still three years from construction. Today, 150 years later, the city’s population has grown by more than 1,200 percent, and the city’s tallest building, the Willis Tower, is more than 1,300 feet taller than the height of Chicago’s tallest building in 1866. This is all to say a lot can change in 150 years. Which makes our question,…

Congress for the New Urbanism Illinois Academic Charter Award 2016 for Gowanus: from Resilience to Sustainability

    Judson’s graduate urbanism studio has received the 2016 academic CNU-IL Charter Award!  This makes three years in a row!  Graduate student team: Justin Banda, Kay Havlicek, Tyler Hopwood, Marvin Reyes, Tyler Wade, and Andrew Witek.

Kudos to Stegeman, Morla, Lima, Mork, and Weber!

Lucas Stegeman was selected to receive, based on his application and recommendations, the first-ever David Scheuer Scholarship to attend the National Town Builders Association (NTBA) Fall Roundtable in Carlton Landing and Oklahoma City, Okla., this month. Xavier Morla, senior architecture student, has been selected for a winter internship.  He will be the first Judson student to join this firm in Chicago. The International Network of Building, Architecture, and Urbanism World Congress, awarded for Urban Design Excellence, the After Burnham / Chicago 2109 plan led by Prof. Philip Bess, Notre Dame School of Architecture.  Contributors to this multi-year project were three Judson alums. Samuel Lima,…

Leah Ferrara and Joshua Papic published in the Classicist

Leah Ferrara’s Charleston Architecture School, produced in the spring 2015 junior/graduate vertical studio (Miller studio) and Josh Papic’s Judson Chapel, produced in the fall 2015 senior studio (Jaeger studio) has been published in the current issue of The Classicist, is an annual peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art.

Kevin Svensen honored with 2016 AIA Richmond award

Kevin Svensen, RA, earned the Richard L. Ford Jr. Award. This is considered the Chapter’s highest award presented to a young architect, associate member, or intern. It is given in honor of one of the Chapter’s leading and skillful mentors, Richard L. Ford, Jr. FAIA. Kevin has been given the award by the Chapter Board, based on nominations by the Honors Committee, as a person who has demonstrated vision, passion, and excellence to the design community. Source: G&HA team members honored with 2016 AIA Richmond awards | Glavé & Holmes Architecture | News and Press

Christopher Newport Hall wins National Palladio Award | Glavé & Holmes Architecture | News and Press

Glavé & Holmes Architecture has been named a 2016 Palladio Award winner for the design of the new Christopher Newport Hall at Christopher Newport University. The Palladio Awards are a national program that honors outstanding achievement in traditional design. Recognized for their work in the New Design & Construction category (more than 30,000 square feet), Glavé & Holmes was one of only 12 architectural firms in the country honored by the 2016 Palladio Awards Program. Source: Christopher Newport Hall wins National Palladio Award | Glavé & Holmes Architecture | News and Press

Congress for the New Urbanism Illinois Academic Charter Award 2015 for Selverhull, Winchester UK

  The regeneration of Winchester’s northeast quadrant has been a public concern for more than thirty years.  At WinchesterDeservesBetter, Wintonians are campaigning for the serviceability and identity of this venerable and beautiful city.  We have investigated two development alternatives to meet the public interest. The regeneration knits to the high-performing residential fabric to the immediate north and the High Street, develops an opportunity along a channeled brook for connection to regional water meadows, balances pedestrian access against vehicular demands, and resources precedent types promoting local identity and demographic diversity.

Greater Kennedy Plaza, Providence, RI

Union Studio led the design team for the re-envisioning of Providence’s Greater Kennedy Plaza, a central square in the City’s downtown that serves as RIPTA’s passenger bus terminal. In addition to the bus station, the extended plaza area is home to Burnside Park and the Bank of America Skating Center. Though Kennedy Plaza visitors enjoy activities hosted by the Downtown Providence Parks Conservancy, the physical space is largely disjointed and dominated by bus traffic. The City of Providence received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to re-envision Kennedy Plaza as a vibrant urban space. Multiple stakeholders including…

CNU IL Charter Awards: Best Regional Plan

The entry is described as being developed over 18 months.  This presumably includes the graduate urban design studios for fall semesters of 2011 and 2012.  Congratulations in this CNU Illinois Award are shared by three Judson alumni who were members of these studios:  Samuel Lima JU M.Arch.’10 NDU M.A.D.U. ’12, Hannah Weber JU B.A.A.S.’10 NDU M.Arch.’12 M.A.D.U.’13 , and Brian Mork JU M.Arch.’11 NDU M.A.D.U.’13. After Burnham: The Notre Dame Plan for Chicago 2109   This was submitted by University of Notre Dame and is an ambitious transformation of Daniel Burnhams Plan of Chicago applying new urbanism, urban agriculture and sustainable development practices across…