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By Ben Pentreath [excerpt] This simple traditional architecture is not everyone’s cup of tea. An awful lot of architects sneer at Poundbury, and pastiche is a word I hear used a lot. Well, for me, it’s all about authentic building – and that’s not, actually, to do with age.  It’s to do with getting things right. Scale, detailing, proportion, moderation. If you look over on the architecture website, we do buildings that are more contemporary in their treatment, like our designs for the site in Chelsea – it’s horses for courses, for me – about putting the right thing in the right…

Venice Rediscovers Its Glass Treasures –

Born in the city in 1906, the son of a teacher, Antonio Scarpa, and a dressmaker, Emma Novello, Scarpa spent his childhood in nearby Vicenza and returned to Venice as a teenager. He studied architectural drawing there, before opening his own studio and teaching at local architecture and design schools. Scarpa lived in Venice for the rest of his life until his death in 1978, and completed most of his architectural projects in the city and the surrounding Veneto region. Many of them can be seen in a retrospective of his work and that of his son, Tobia, opening Sept….

The Anatomy of a Georgian Room, by Richard Franklin Sammons

The guidelines related above provide an outline for designing Georgian rooms ranging from the simple subject of these illustrations to the more elaborate example shown at the beginning. Regardless of the room’s level of complexity, applying the proportional principles of punctuation and differentiation to the creation of an interior can give it both a rigor and beauty not common in contemporary building. via The Anatomy of a Georgian Room, by Richard Franklin Sammons.

Hope for Architecture

We’re building a house, brick by brick, to prove an idea: That traditional, structural masonry, applied in particular key ways, can become a practical remedy for a host of contemporary challenges: Sustainability.   Rising energy costs.   Housing affordability. To build a timeless, durable, multi-century home at a price that everyday Americans can afford. Call it an experiment. An attempt to subvert our disposable culture with an act of permanence. To spark economic potential in local products and work done by hand. To employ proven traditions over newfangled technologies to reduce energy use. This site, and the documentary film being produced…

Pensione, Rosemary Beach, FL: durable construction

A number of factors contribute to the building’s strength and to the strength of its design. As for durability, the architects specified a concrete structure, using the material to provide a Classical appearance. “Our work in general,” says Jorge Trelles “is always intended to be seen as a product of the modern day, but we are influenced by the places we have visited and we are very comfortable with the Classical language.” The walls are masonry and poured concrete. The concrete for each floor and staircase was poured together all at once to provide additional strength. “We would pour a…

T.A.U. Grad Architecure Studio: Aaron Holverson

I have been consulting this not-for-profit mission in Honduras since 2005.  On the rural site we have built a villa and a cottage hamlet.  We will eventually build a school and a chapel. The graduate studio this fall began with a sketch project for a chapel for the Villa and an Anglican church for Morombe in Madagascar.