City for All


Produce a panel illustrating the parti of Beaumont-De-Lomagne (France) as a city for all inhabitants and strangers.  In Bella Città, see “Affordances.  Exclusive Class or an Absolute Ruler.”


  1. Two paragraph explanation: i) Alberti’s principle; 2) assist the viewer of the panel in seeing what you intend.
  2. Parti Diagram.  The parti shows the composition of the town’s plan that features the hinterland farmland, the town’s streets for all, the access to food and to care.
  3. View.  This bird’s eye or plan oblique featuring information as in the parti diagram.


  1. 11x17in (portrait orientation).
  2. black ink, black color pencil, or graphite.


  1. Beaumont-De-Lomagne (France).  See Beaumont-De-Lomagne on Wikipedia and select coordinates (at right) to link to GeoHack for Beaumont-De-Lomagne.  In particular, use the France resources:  IGN Géoportail Aerial and Cadastral.
  2. Beaumont-De-Lomagne Figure-Ground.  [Thanks to Antonio Latini].
  3. For an example of a simple view illustrating a parti, see the Elgin example below.
  4. For rendering of cultivation of hinterland, refer to the Nolli detail below or the wall map outside of HaWAC420.
  5. Graphic style: imitate the town plans of Thomas Sharp, Anatomy of a Village. See example below.
  6. Passiegetta Diagram, below, suggests one graphic method for making a parti evident.


  1. Before class meeting time on due date (see syllabus), send to as reduced pdf.
  2. Before class meeting time on due date (see syllabus), print and pin on wall outside my office door (HaWAC413).  Please arrange with a common horizontal line and equally spaced (roughly).  You know … make it a simple gallery presentation.


ELGIN E.SprgSt.100.2003p 68203 Brooks CResCivtasM
Elgin Urban Intervention Proposal.  Bird’s Eye View following a similar illustration by Léon Krier.
Rome trastevere OrtiConvSFrancesco
Rome.  Trastevere detail from Nolli map.
2012 MorkB Citta NDU Duany 3
Passegietta Diagram; proposal for  a new town.  Hinterland of Rome.  Brian Mork.
1946 Sharp Th Anatomy of a Village 12
Gainford. County Durham. Map, 1946. Thomas Sharp (Anatomy of a Village).