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Victor Dover lecture: “The Art of Street Design” | SCAD Museum of Art

Victor Dover lecture: “The Art of Street Design”Feb. 11, 5:30 p.m.The School of Building Arts Lecture Series presents Victor Brandon Dover, former chair of the Congress for the New Urbanism America, and founder and principal-in-charge of Dover, Kohl & Partners Town Planners.

In his lecture, “The Art of Street Design,” Dover will discuss a revolutionary makeover that is underway to promote walking and cycling and appeal to a new generation of creative, demanding citizens. Walkable, sustainable designs can reinvigorate inner cities and retrofit suburbia to meet the needs of residents.The innovative work of Dover, Kohl & Partners has been featured on CNN, NPR, in Businessweek, USA Today and many other media outlets and in projects such as the “Best Smart Growth Plan” for El Paso, Texas, and the revitalization of Bluffton and Port Royal, South Carolina.

via Victor Dover lecture: “The Art of Street Design” | SCAD Museum of Art.

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  • Where Zoning Went Wrong 27 July 2014
    In previous posts on zoning, I’ve been pretty hard on the Supreme Court’s Euclid v. Ambler decision, which upheld the use of single-use, and specifically single family-only, zones.  In doing so, the nation’s highest court gave the formal stamp of approval to exclusionary zoning, holding among other things that cities were justified in excluding so-called “ap […]

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  • Three Classicists 27 August 2014
    This time-lapse video, called “Three Classicists,” shows three British classicists, including Quinlan Terry’s son, sketching a classical scene on a blank wall in about three minutes, to the dear strains of a dulcet cellist. It is several years old but I … Continue reading →
  • UNESCO urbanicide? 27 August 2014
    DOMOS, a magazine about cities and culture, has published an infantile essay, “Urbanicide in all good faith,” excoriating UNESCO’s World Heritage program as an assassin of cities. The author, Marco D’Eramo, doesn’t call a spade a spade. Only briefly does … Continue reading →
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    Years ago, the Miami architecture and planning firm DPZ, led by Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk (his wife), came to Providence again and again to help plan the revival of its downtown. Its last charrette, or brainstorming session, was in … Continue reading →

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  • Nominations for the third Solent Design Awards are now open 15 August 2014
    EXCITEMENT IS BUILDING Nominations for the third Solent Design Awards are now open.   The third biennial Solent Design Awards are once again looking for stunning buildings, places or spaces across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight which have inspired, excited or uplifted their communities.   read more

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  • Mail Art Exhibit: Guitar 3 September 2013
    You can be part of a California art exhibition from anywhere in the world. Our friend Gary Bibb is utilizing a guitar shop in Carlsbad, CA for a “mail art” exhibit. He’ll be showing approximately 100 pieces that offer an interpretation of the theme “Guitar”. Send your work by September 21st! Details: works to [...]

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  • Happy Fifty Years, Gentrification! 14 February 2014
    ... Does Gentrification Gentrify without Gentrifiers? by Javier ArbonaGentrification doesn't need to be something that one group inflicts on another; often it's the result of aspirations everybody shares. All over the city, a small army of the earnest toils away, patiently trying to sluice some of the elitist taint off neighborhoods as they grow ri […]

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  • The Meaning of Emergent Urbanism, after A New Kind of Science 21 May 2012
    Stephen Wolfram is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the publication of A New Kind of Science, a milestone in the development of complexity science that is more significant than any other for me, as it was reading through that book in 2007 that gave me the motivation and the sense of purpose to begin writing about urbanism and complexity science.Although […]

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  • Welcome to the Research Design Connections blog 28 August 2014
    Welcome to the Research Design Connections blog, started in 2007.  Recent blog entries are available here. Earlier blog entries (one for every working day since the beginning of May, 2007) are available to subscribers. This is a forum to discuss recent research of interest to designers. To comment on a blog entry, please send an e-mail message to sallyaugust […]

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  • Pittsburgh’s Place in the Placemaking Movement 28 August 2014
    We've written before on the great things to do in Pittsburgh, but the "City of Champions" has been more than just a hot topic here at PPS. In fact, we've been involved in Pittsburgh for some time now, most notably during the last year in the run up to the upcoming Placemaking Leadership Council and Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place conference t […]

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  • Columns & Opinions - Unlike animals, human workers shouldn't be electronically banded 27 August 2014

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  • Researchers Look for Camp Security 28 August 2014
    YORK, PENNSYLVANIA—Volunteers assisting with the investigation of Camp Security, where more than 1,000 British troops who surrendered at the battles of Saratoga and Yorktown were held, found eighteenth century buttons, a British half-penny adorned with a bust of King George II, and a lead musket ball. One of the buttons was made of tombac, and alloy of zinc […]
  • Complete Cruciform Pit House Excavated in Canada 28 August 2014
    TORONTO, CANADA—An intact cruciform pit house built by the Inuvialuit has been discovered from the in the permafrost of Canada’s Northwest Territories. Such houses, which were in use from about 1400 to 1900, have a central floor area and three large alcoves. “If you look at it from above, it kind of looks like a cross,” Max Friesen of the University of Toron […]
  • “Slaves’ Hill” Was Home to High-Status Craftsmen 28 August 2014
    TEL AVIV, ISRAEL—New information from excavations in southern Israel’s Timna Valley by Erez Ben-Yosef and Lidar Sapir-Hen of Tel Aviv University suggests that the laborers who smelted copper at the site 3,000 years ago were skilled craftsmen of high social status. Since the 1930s, it has been thought that the Iron Age camp was inhabited by slaves because of […]
  • Wooden Roman Toilet Seat Discovered at Vindolanda 28 August 2014
    NORTHUMBERLAND, ENGLAND—A 2,000-year-old wooden toilet seat has been discovered in a muddy garbage trench at Vindolanda, a Roman fort located at Hadrian’s Wall. “As soon as we started to uncover it there was no doubt at all on what we had found. It is made from a very well worked piece of wood and looks pretty comfortable,” director of excavations Andrew Bir […]
  • Scientists Publish Results of Kennewick Man Investigations 27 August 2014
    SEATTLE, WASHINGTON—A new book due out next month will offer the most detailed account to date of the research conducted on the remains known as Kennewick Man. Discovered in 1996 on federal land in the Columbia River Valley, the analysis suggests that Kennewick Man was a seal hunter from the Pacific Northwest coast who died 9,000 years ago. Scientists found […]
  • Vikings Used Boat Timbers to Build Houses in Ireland 27 August 2014
    CORK, IRELAND—The results of the excavation of an eleventh-century Viking settlement in Cork show that the settlers reused the wooden planks from their long-boats to build jetties and houses in a marshy area of the River Lee. Mud and wattle walls, door posts, sections of the bow of a Viking ship, fragments of decorated hair combs, metal artifacts, coins, bro […]
  • Who Crafted Saudi Arabia’s 100,000-Year-Old Stone Tools? 27 August 2014
    BORDEAUX, FRANCE—A team of researchers led by Eleanor Scerri of the University of Bordeaux compared stone artifacts unearthed from three sites in the Arabian Desert with artifacts discovered in northeast Africa near the skeletons of modern humans. All of the tools were between 70,000 and 125,000 years old. Live Science reports that the artifacts from two of […]
  • Amphipolis Tomb May Have Been Looted 27 August 2014
    AMPHIPOLIS, GREECE—Archaeologists led by Katerina Peristeri have entered the antechamber of the fourth-century B.C. Macedonian tomb under excavation in Amphipolis. “Now the front of the monument has been revealed almost entirely,” the Greek culture ministry said in a statement reported by Discovery News. There is a suspicious, man-sized opening in a wall blo […]
  • New Dates for Prehistoric Paintings in Utah’s Great Gallery 26 August 2014
    LOGAN, UTAH— A team led by Utah State University geologist Joel Pederson has used luminescence dating techniques to document the timing of geologic events in southern Utah’s Canyonlands National Park, and thus “draw a box” around a probable window of time for the creation of the paintings in Horseshoe Canyon’s Great Gallery. “The most accepted hypotheses poi […]
  • Achill Island, Ireland: Cromlech Tumulus: Week Ten 20 August 2014
    Featured: yesDescription: This week was spent training on AutoCad on rainy days and cleaning up trenches for photography and drawings. On Monday, the team in Quadrant 2 continued working down the slope removing the soil build-up. Work also began in the area around the entrance, removing the remaining peaty soils. Beneath the peaty soil a second sil stone run […]

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