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Timeline of New Urbanism

The New Urban Timeline is a database that records key events in the history of new urbanism, as well as historical influences reaching back to the 19th century. Over one thousand entries have been contributed and compiled into the categories of Academic, Events, Firms, Governmental, Places and Publications.Click here to search the Timeline.

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Upcoming Events

  • Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World's Fair 25 October 2013 – 8 September 2014 Field Museum
  • Newberry Book Fair 24 July 2014 – 28 July 2014 60 West Walton Street, Chicago, IL 60610-3380 Event reminder
  • CNU Illinois 7 25 September 2014
  • Open House Chicago 18 October 2014 – 20 October 2014

Traditional Architecture + Urbanism student work

RSS Old Urbanist

  • Going Driverless, or Not 3 July 2014
    A heated debate over the significance of Google's so-called driverless car has been raging over the past several weeks. On one side of the aisle are those hailing it as a "revolutionary" technology that will dramatically alter personal mobility to the point of  eliminating private car ownership. On the other side are those who reject the premi […]

RSS The Black Urbanist

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RSS Architecture Here and There (David Brussat)

  • Column: Halt this attack on the people’s plaza 24 July 2014
    [This is my weekly column in The Providence Journal, a revised version of the post "Let's ruin Kennedy Plaza" on my blog Architecture Here and There, written on vacation the day before the July 15 groundbreaking for this unfortunate project.] … Continue reading →
  • Trad building conference 4 20 July 2014
    Of course, what would these affairs be without the schmoozing with friends, and the renewal of old and forging of new professional relationships? To my retiring nature these affairs would be perfectly marvelous, yet even I found myself luxuriating in … Continue reading →
  • Trad building conference 3 19 July 2014
    Two recent phrases are new to me: Lean Architecture and Makers Space. Lean architecture seems to be what it sounds like, traditional work performed by the most simple methods that can be contrived, but that embrace tradition and ornament. The … Continue reading →

RSS Urban Design Group

RSS The Atlantic: Cities

RSS IAM (International Arts Movement)

  • Mail Art Exhibit: Guitar 3 September 2013
    You can be part of a California art exhibition from anywhere in the world. Our friend Gary Bibb is utilizing a guitar shop in Carlsbad, CA for a “mail art” exhibit. He’ll be showing approximately 100 pieces that offer an interpretation of the theme “Guitar”. Send your work by September 21st! Details: works to [...]

RSS Polis: a collaborative blog about cities across the globe

  • Happy Fifty Years, Gentrification! 14 February 2014
    ... Does Gentrification Gentrify without Gentrifiers? by Javier ArbonaGentrification doesn't need to be something that one group inflicts on another; often it's the result of aspirations everybody shares. All over the city, a small army of the earnest toils away, patiently trying to sluice some of the elitist taint off neighborhoods as they grow ri […]

RSS Emergent Urbanism

  • The Meaning of Emergent Urbanism, after A New Kind of Science 21 May 2012
    Stephen Wolfram is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the publication of A New Kind of Science, a milestone in the development of complexity science that is more significant than any other for me, as it was reading through that book in 2007 that gave me the motivation and the sense of purpose to begin writing about urbanism and complexity science.Although […]

RSS CMAP Weekly Update

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RSS Environmental Design Research Association What’s New

  • Welcome to the Research Design Connections blog 25 July 2014
    Welcome to the Research Design Connections blog, started in 2007.  Recent blog entries are available here. Earlier blog entries (one for every working day since the beginning of May, 2007) are available to subscribers. This is a forum to discuss recent research of interest to designers. To comment on a blog entry, please send an e-mail message to sallyaugust […]

RSS Project for Public Spaces Blog

  • Placemaking Leadership Council 2014: A Meeting of the Minds in Pittsburgh 23 July 2014
    The Placemaking Leadership Council now numbers over 600 strong! And if you’re zealous about Placemaking – you could be a member, too. In 2013 after it was formed, the inaugural meeting in Detroit showed the amazing potential of a small group of people taking action to make better cities through Placemaking principles. Now double in size, the possibilities ar […]

RSS Cardus

  • Sages and Saints 25 July 2014
  • Audio - Cities at a Human Scale: An Interview with Andreas Dalsgaard 24 July 2014

RSS Sojourners: God’s Politics blog

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RSS Archaeology

  • 18th-Century Structure Excavated at College of William and Mary 24 July 2014
      WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA—Archaeologists excavating near the Sir Christopher Wren Building at the College of William and Mary are investigating an early eighteenth-century structure thought to have been a brewery because of its central fire pit. The beer would have been safer for the college’s students and faculty to drink than contaminated water. And a trash […]
  • Zominthos, Crete: Field Notes 2014: Week 3 24 July 2014
    Corridor 10 By the end of the third week (4-18/7/2014), most of the southern part of Corridor 10 has been excavated and the investigation has almost reached the already excavated northern part (fig.1). Big stones that are found in the area are fallen from an upper floor. The rich finds in pottery, seal-stone and elaborated […]
  • Restored Image of Amun Discovered in Sudan 24 July 2014
      NEW YORK, NEW YORK—According to Live Science, archaeologists have found evidence of Pharaoh Akhenaten’s attempted religious revolution on a carved stone panel that had been reused as a bench at the site of Sedeinga, located in modern-day Sudan. The stone bears an image of Amun and his hieroglyph, and had been part of a temple at Sedeinga dedicated to Queen […]
  • Ancient Village Unearthed in Illinois 24 July 2014
    MURPHSYBORO, ILLINOIS—A survey ahead of road construction near Southern Illinois Airport revealed a village between 700 and 900 years old. Pots, tools, mussel shells, and deer and fish bones have been recovered, and charcoal in the soil suggests that some of the homes burned down. “It’s sort of unclear if these groups spread out and became parts of what we k […]
  • 3-D Imagery Examines Paleolithic Skull Trauma 24 July 2014
      BORDEAUX, FRANCE—A 3-D reconstruction of the skull of a child who lived 100,000 years ago suggests that the 12 to 13-year-old suffered a blunt force trauma resulting in a compound fracture. There was a broken piece depressed in his or her skull, which was surrounded by linear fractures. The wound likely caused a moderate traumatic brain injury that may hav […]
  • Mortuary Bundle Discovered in Central Mexico 23 July 2014
    ZIMAPAN, MEXICO—A unique mortuary bundle containing the skeletal remains of a young adult was discovered in a rock shelter in the Sierra Gorda region. “The skeleton seems to be complete, but we will not know this with certainty until we can open the shroud, but at first glance we can appreciate the cranium, tibias, clavicles, scapula, and some ribs,” archaeo […]
  • Iron Age Industrial Hearth Found in Cornwall 23 July 2014
    PORTHLEVEN, ENGLAND—According to The Falmouth Packet, an Iron Age industrial hearth and a Bronze Age settlement have been discovered in southwest England. The hearth is the first of its kind to be found in Cornwall, where strong winds would have fanned the flames. Community archaeologist Richard Mikulski says that the hearth was stone-lined and had a flue to […]
  • Binchester Roman Fort Yields Well-Preserved Ring, Walls 23 July 2014
    BISHOP AUCKLAND, ENGLAND—Excavations at Binchester Roman Fort have uncovered the seven-foot-tall walls of a bath house and a small plunge bath. “There is also some really interesting evidence for the plumbing, including a drain in the base which seems to line up with some of the culverts we’ve picked out in the nearby floor, as well as some gaps within the w […]
  • Replica Nazi Defenses Studied in Scotland 23 July 2014
      DUNBLANE, SCOTLAND—Battlefield archaeologist Tony Pollard of the University of Glasgow and Janice Ainslie of Dunblane Museum are studying a concrete wall built at Sheriffmuir in 1943. The ten-foot-tall wall, which was constructed according to plans stolen from German engineers by French painter Rene Duchez, replicated the German concrete defenses that stre […]
  • Johnson's Island, Ohio: 2014 Field Report 3 22 July 2014
    In our latest video field update, history expert Mike Woshner tells us about the use of hard rubber in the mid-19th century.  

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